BWF Coaching Conference – World Junior Championships

The  2018 BWF World Coaching Conference will take place on 16 and 17 November 2018 alongside the World Junior Championships in Toronto.  The event is an opportunity to highlight the importance of coach education for young athletes development.  This educational gathering will be beneficial for all badminton coaches, with an emphasis on youth development, high performance, talent identification and development of leadership skills.

Sport Science

BWF supports the further development of the sport through a variety of sports research projects. Examples of sport science projects include, the sharing of global badminton and sports research, as well as annual BWF funded research grants for universities.


BWF’s goal is to have well informed, educated and talented coaches throughout the badminton system. To achieve this goal, the BWF have developed a series of free coaching resources and training courses, which National Badminton Federations can utilise.